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PSP Price "Comparable" To Game Boy Advance?
By D. F. Smith  July 03, 2003

Chris Deering, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, continued to drop hints about Sony's future hardware plans in an interview with French business newspaper Les Echos .

When asked about the company's plans for the PSP handheld, he reiterated Sony's plans for a release in late 2004, and confirmed that it would support playback of music and movies using its Universal Media Disc format. He also commented on the price of the system, stating that the PSP's price would be "comparable" to that of the Game Boy Advance.

We'll have more updates as long as Sony remains unable to keep its European arm silent.


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Sony Discusses PSP Pricing
By D. F. Smith  June 17, 2003

UK trade publication Indie Magazine today cites some illuminating comments by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head Chris Deering which point towards Sony's pricing and marketing plans for the upcoming portable PlayStation.

Deering proposed a remarkably broad range of pricing, At the top end, games on the system's new Universal Media Disc might cost as much as 60 euros (close to $70) in Europe. However, that seems to be the high end of things. "Probably the mass of games given the time slots these will be played in will be more the #20 range, 20-30 euros," Deering said.

He also clearly indicated that the UMD will be used to package more than just games. Music and video UMDs are also in the works, with pricing comparable to current DVD and CD releases.

Sony's plans for the PSP handheld are necessarily somewhat vague at this point, since the system is not slated to debut until the second half of 2004 at the earliest, but that's a pretty broad range regardless. We'll doubtless hear more precise figures as the development of the system and its medium continues.



The WorldWide Release of PSP Delayed!
February 25, 2004 - Sony Computer Entertainment

In a stunning move Sony Computer Entertainment (SCO) has announced that the planned global launch of the Playstation Portable handheld gaming device will not happen in 2004 as previusly planned. Instead, Sony has indicated that it will launch the PSP at the end of 2004 only in Japan, with US, Eurpoe and all other regions launching before the end of Sony's fiscal year which ends in March 2005.

Teresa Weaver, a spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment, said: "The reason we pushed it out here is we wanted to be sure there's a reasonable amount of software titles to launch with hardware,"

The move was even more shocking as Sony has recently touted the large number of developers currently writing software for the system and estimated the number of launch titles will be larger than the Game Boy Advance's launch.

Sony still plans to show the unit at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in May 2004.